Your contribution to something big

Organizing overview about different project status
Be part of interesting projects or lead your own project
Create presentations for General Management
Support special tasks for decision making


What distinguishes you

Less than 1 year before ending study (bachelor or master)
Preferred economist, economic engineer (Specialised in logistic is perfect, but no must)
Language German and English
Preferred 20 hours a week on 2-3 days

Additional Information

Your future job location offers you

Safe background, professional challenges, clear career possibilities, continuous development and learning opportunities are waiting for you at one of the most prominent company in the world.

If you work in our company, you will be part of young and innovative team, you will use of a corporate bus service, you will get support of OTP SZÉP card, catering subaccount and daily commuting.

Take advantage of the wide range of sporting opportunities, participate in Bosch events and enjoy the benefits of Bosch employees!